Our Home Stays

Accommodation Options

Our home stay and hostel are both located in the Kimihurura neighborhood; a safe and modern area of Kigali, with restaurants like Papyrus, Republika restaurant, African bite restaurant, Mamba Club, and City arts. You can easily find a motor tax, car taxi or the bus station to take you to wherever you would like to go.

The Spaces

The hostel rooms have options of private bathrooms or shared, shared kitchen with a beautiful patio and garden for relaxation.

The home stay has a flat garden with fruit trees and a beautiful view from the front porch.


With both options, you will have access to a kitchen, fridge, gas cooker, drinking water, and hot showers. Both also have fiber internet, so you can stay connected and you don’t need to worry about your work or access to the world.

Gourmet breakfast is also provided with many of our packages.

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