Volunteer With Us

Like Rwanda, Judith Safaris is committed to providing a ground for volutnteers to use their strengths in the community. For those with passion and experience in health, media, marketing, education, and important topics such as maternal nutrition; you will find it heart working to volunteer with us and impact many families’ future. 

Judith Safaris also is taking advantage of technologies that impact communities lives through teaching basic computer skills and helping in development of libraries and technology resource centers. We leave impact. 

Judith Safaris will provide cheap accommodation, meals, and some free tours or big discounts depending on where they want to visit around the country. 



Village tours and local life experiences will be offered for free to guide you all over the country, based on tours already scheduled for that period of time. Judith Safaris offers cultural village tours allowing volunteers to walk into the real life of the Rwandan local people and the age-old traditions.

Any of these activities will be added if they are available in these rural areas.



Video recording and editing, music production, photography training, teaching music, creating Rwanda tourism video.


Organizing events, meeting associates, training, distributing flyers, social media content editing, promoting ecotourism, managing tourist information campaign, promoting us on tourism websites.


Organizing workshops and extracurricular activities, carrying out physical activities, cultivating a love of reading, offering career guidance.


Staff training, budgeting, planning, product research, setting up microfinance for community members, managing a volunteer database

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